Recovery Series #3 // Outlook

Today’s Recovery Series post is going to be a little different. I have a lot of inspiring bloggers & readers lined up to share their stories of recovery, and I am so excited to get their voices on the blog. This week has been an intense period of reflection for me, and I wrote something the other night that I felt I wanted to share today. It reflects my recovery process and my journey toward my happiest, most whole self. It also reflects my life in general, and the way I want to live my life.

It’s more of a free flow than my usual posts. I hope you enjoy. Happy Friday, lovelies.


Today I feel lucky. I feel lucky to have skin on my bones and to be present in this body and in this crazy, sweet, mystifying puzzle of life. I feel lucky to be rooted on this earth and to have the ability to walk, run, swim, bend and jump. I feel lucky to be surrounded by people who make my heart swell with love and who I can wrap my arms around and who make me smile until my face hurts. I feel lucky to have passions that ignite my soul and make me hustle through the day and make me ache for more. I feel lucky to wake up in the morning and fall asleep at night and dream about the wild and odd things that make my subconscious dance. I feel lucky to have fingers that can write and eyes that can see bright blades of grass and ears that can hear the rolling waves crashing into the shore. I feel lucky to have a drive that pushes me to seek newness and a heart that’s okay with the discomfort of the unknown. I feel lucky because sometimes I feel so full with love that my heart seeps happiness into my whole body, and even though life makes no sense I know in my soul that this universe is a beautiful place to exist.

I know I don’t always get it. I know I don’t always do things right. I panic over lost keys and I yell in traffic and I stress over things I can’t control. I get devastated about the evil things that go on in the world and I question what we are all really here for in the first place. I second guess myself and criticize and dwell on things I want to change. I don’t always choose the precious moments over the superficial ones, and sometimes I keep driving instead of deciding to hop out of my car at sunset to run onto the beach and take a dip in the waves.

But one thing I do know is that the more I let go of the questions and the unease and the fears and the striving for perfection and the preoccupation with things that are not in my control, I feel lucky. I feel calm. I let my heart make decisions that my mind is too programed into the specificities of humanness to make. When I let go I can just be and the world makes more sense and I am reminded that beauty in one single moment far outweighs sadness for any given stretch of time. My heart can buzz in tune with the earth and no matter what I am surrounded by I feel whole and complete.

I focus, I love, I receive, I listen to my heart and I reflect and I act on my impulses and I let the saltwater and the pen on the page heal me. I trust in myself and I believe that the universe holds a certain truth we may never know and may never need to know. To be happy; that is our purpose. And to love. To love a whole lot.

Today I feel lucky. Do you?

xx, Jordan

29 thoughts on “Recovery Series #3 // Outlook

    1. Jordan Younger Post author

      Thank you so much, Linda! I agree… it’s hard to find the magic in life when things seem to be going wrong. That’s why it’s extra important to take a deep breath and a step back and remind ourselves how beautiful life really is– our purpose is to be happy. :) :) I try to remind myself every day!!

  1. Ang @ Nutty for Life

    “When I let go I can just be and the world makes more sense and I am reminded that beauty in one single moment far outweighs sadness for any given stretch of time.”
    Yes. This is very true- it’s a good reminder. Sometimes I forget that the good far outweighs the bad.

    1. Jackie LaPenta

      This is one of my favorite posts to date! I have been struggling with happiness and finding my true self lately. You worded perfectly the things I need to focus on

      1. Jordan Younger Post author

        Aww, Jackie. I am so happy that the post resonated with you. It was a really fun one to write. I even cried while writing it because I kept realizing again and again how true it was and how much we can all benefit from simply seeing the good in things and dismissing the bad. You’ll get there, I know it! We both will. <3

    2. Jordan Younger Post author

      It’s true! Even if the bad seems to keep reappearing, the good moments are so much more profound and memorable– they trump the bad always! Have a great weekend beauty <3

    1. Jordan Younger Post author

      We all do! Particularly you and Daddio– life (and evil people…!!) can be horrible but we are lucky to be alive and to have each other and to be able to see the beauty in all things. :) :)

  2. Megan

    Jordan you star! This spoke to me and reminded me how truely blessed we all are. The way you described all the tiny things in life, and just the way you wrote blew my mind. Your indepth, insightful thoughts and the complexity of your writing were a joy to read. I truely believe we are created for a divine purpose and know we are the most beautiful creations of all. Keep shining bright lady! It is a thrill to wake up each morning and find your posts awaiting. Lots of love xx

    1. Jordan Younger Post author

      Megan, thank you so, so much for such a kind comment. Your beautiful words mean the WORLD to me and I am so thrilled that the post resonated. It felt good to write from the bottom of my heart and do something a little different than the usual upbeat recap type of posts. So much love to you!! And I couldn’t agree more that we are created for a divine purpose, and life is beautiful and we are beautiful. And we have to own that and rock it!!!

  3. Older Cow Girl

    Jordon and all,

    I’ve commented a few times on this site. I’m fascinated at some of your wonderful followers, but first I was interested in your change from Vegan-ism. I’m a mostly Paleo woman-eater. I cheat once in awhile, but just get back on that horse and go good again. My husband eats anything he wants…he’s 5 yrs younger than me. And he suffers for it. I am almost 68 yrs old. I rarely eat dairy, and only eat sourdough bread…rarely.

    I refuse to stress out over eating, or make a big deal of food. Don’t really want an eating fetish. I ONLY focus on not eating anything Genetically Modified, including the animals that eat GMO (animals fed GMO grains). If the animal is grain fed, I won’t eat any products from that animal. Which is really hard to do. If it’s organic, or I raise it, I’ll eat it. I run a farm with animals and a 3000 sq ft greenhouse and a 7000 sq ft outside garden. I work 7 days a week. I can do anything I need to do. Every doctor’s lab ordered for me is perfect. Didn’t use to be that way. I’m never in pain now. I’ve automatically lost weight. I eat all grass fed meats, eggs, poultry, fish (rarely due to radiation or GMO foods fed to fish). Same with veggies…I raise myself better than organic, or buy organic. No GMO or hybrid seeds. Fruits are organic or raised by us. Focus on good non-modified foods.

    I’m telling you folks…you’re making a mistake by thinking that you must only eat plant-based foods and remain healthy in the long run. Eat a cross section of foods that are grown w/out pesticides (bugs), herbicides (weeds), and fungicides (rot/spoilage). I once asked a local farmer if they used chemicals on their produce. He said, “No, we don’t spray the plants, we just put the chemicals right in the ground when planting.”. Hummm….what? Soooo….now all the veggies and fruits have access to chemicals at the very root level? And now also poisoning the good bugs in the soil???

    My message to everyone on your site is listen or observe us older people. Learn who looks healthy after they get some age on them. Which of us looks sickly when older? We are the ones who are finally suffering (or not) from whatever diet we’ve been on since we were born. I used to think that arthritis was an old peoples disease. It’s not. It’s oxidation from free radicals, etc in your body. You are rusting from your lifestyle. You don’t have to have arthritis.

    You cannot listen to the younger people. Their younger bodies still produce that certain body chemistry necessary for bodily processes. As we age our body slows or stops producing certain items that our body needs. This you can look up. It takes many years for your body to finally succumb to your diet. Look at people’s skin. If you see something bad on the outside of your body (skin), know that it’s much worse on the inside.

    Look around…why are people obese and/or diabetic? Answer: excess sugar, grains and more. My mother died at 76 due to excess carbs/grains , sugar, rancid oils, Genetically Modified anything (GMO). Canola oil is GMO. Potatoes are GMO (I just learned this). White sugar is GMO (sugar beets). Read the book “Seeds of Deception”.

    Obese people are starving from not eating good protein, veggies, fruits, and good fats. I know a 65 yr old man who lost 4 fingers and one leg due to diabetes issues. He’s on dialysis now. And his other leg is so infected that he’s losing it too. He eats more sugary, bad fats, carb. laden foods than anyone I’ve known. I told him that everyone on my mother’s side of the family is diabetic, EXCEPT me. I said my youngest brother is tied 3 days a week to a dialysis machine, for the rest of his life. But this 65 yr old man ignored me. And he’s dying from not changing his ways.

    I love all dairy products. I am addicted to cheese, sour cream, yogurt, cream cheese, you name it if it comes from a cow or goat or sheep or camel. But I rarely eat it now because almost dairy products comes from sick/wounded/infected cows. It’s hard to find organic dairy where I live (remote). I will eat organic dairy products, and I love raw milk (most healthy). I finally found some organic cream. I don’t eat my beloved dairy unless I find it raw, or at least organic. Organic is not perfect. Just better than non-organic.

    Brain diseases (Parkinson, MS, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, etc) are caused from the same foods that diabetics eat…especially from not consuming good fats plus a few other nutrients. Read the book “Grain Brain” written by a neurologist, who’s father died from a brain disease. I know a couple (67/69) that the wife has Parkinson’s and can barely function even with a wheelchair, and husband has severe dizzy spells…they both love sugar, bad fats, and grains. They eat very few fresh or cooked veggies and fruits (fruits are still sugar as far as the body is concerned). These very ill people also love potatoes and rice, which turn to sugar in the body 15 minutes after you eat them. Potatoes are a veggie only if raw (carbs when cooked) and rice is a grain (grass).

    I eat lots of grass fed protein (beef, lamb, poultry), or wild caught fish if in a lake.

    I used to wonder why children got cancer. Then I read the book “Seeds of Death”, or Seeds of Destruction, or Seed of Deception (my favorite). Link at Amazon Now I know why children die from cancer (and adults). Besides, children’s immune system is not up and functioning yet like an adult. For immune protection, I always, every single day, eat probiotics. Your gut is your immune system. The good for your tummy immune bugs. I happen to raise my own food and make my own fermented veggies (probiotics). You cannot overdose on probiotics (but you can eat too much in the beginning…possible toilet time).

    I was a sickly kid. In the hospital often. Lost my appendix and tonsils before 10, and lost all my teeth by 26 yrs old. I had stomach issues my whole life until recently, got that finally fixed. I had cataracts by 23 yrs old. Got new eye lenses and now no more eye glasses. Little by little your body deteriorates. We don’t always notice or understand the little signs.

    I don’t get sick with colds or flu’s. I won’t let the doctors convince to take antibiotics (unless I’d be really sick/life threatening) or any immunizations. It’s become a religion to me now.

    I did not start becoming healthy until I was 55 yrs old. I grayed early. Now my hair is getting darker. My skin spots are fading. By the way…I work in the sun a lot. I don’t use commercial sunscreen…I use Rose Hip essential oil after I wash my face, arms, hands. Super antioxidant for the skin. I have very few wrinkles.

    Ask the older folks what they eat or use on their skin. If they look good…ask what kind of soap they use. My grandmother only used Ivory for skin and hair. My great grandmother told me to never put anything on my skin except Rose Hip and Glycerin. Sorry Gran, I don’t use the Glycerin. I have no idea if it’s good or bad…but I think it’s a veggy product.

    A favorite pastime of mine (naughty me) is looking in people’s grocery shopping carts and looking at them…their skin, their waistline, their hair, their nails. I see cases and cases of soda pop. It’s hard to tell someone’s age by looking at them. Age doesn’t really matter anyway, it’s only a number. Look at your own skin…your finger and toenails. Sunken eyes with dark circles? Age spots? Wrinkles? If you’re young, know that this will happen to you if you don’t take charge of your health…now!

    If you’re really concerned about the animals being abused…as I am…in these horrible commercial meat/chicken factories…do something about that. Channel your energy towards undoing those horrible conditions where animals suffer. Write your Congressman. Get a group together and do what it takes to help the good farmers who don’t abuse animals. Please realize that all animals (including us) have to die of something…someday. If the whole planet suddenly stopped eating meat what would happen to the animals that just keep breeding? They would starve out. Suffer horribly. That’s why the Govt’ has to collect and sell off Mustang horses on the range lands. That’s why there are deer and elk hunters, to reduce the herds so they don’t starve. Same for other continental animals. Not as much land as there used to be for them.

    I care for all the people and all the animals. Taking charge of your health is a choice we make, or not. Talk to the old folks (or older) and see how they did things and why they lived so long.

    Oh yeah…important…don’t get rid of the salt. It’s where you get most of your minerals. Eat the good salts though, not the bleached white free running stuff. Good salts can be found at I prefer the fine ground Celtic Salt. Mostly lots of minerals and some salt.

    Take care folks,
    Older Cow Girl

  4. Alex @ True Femme

    I too am on a recovery journey, so I know what a challenge it is. Congratulations on discovering more peace and self-love! I too feel lucky for my life, lucky that I have the chance to make my dreams come true every day when I have friends who didn’t make it. It’s actually quite a privilege to say we’re in recovery (or recovered), because not everyone who struggles gets the chance. Wishing you lots of health, happiness, and ease! You’re beautiful!

    1. Jordan Younger Post author

      Thank you so much, Alex. I so appreciate that. It’s so true that we are so lucky to be making our dreams come true and doing what we LOVE, especially seeing others who don’t get the same opportunity. Sending you so much love!! So happy to be connecting with you! Xox

  5. Jenny

    You rock Jordan! Truly. I hope you know how many people you are inspiring by your vulnerability, honesty and most of all, by being real. The world is blessed to have you in it – to have your shining light. Never ever forget that. Recovery is truly possible and the more people that share their journey to recovery – the good, the bad, and the ugly, allows others to reach out for help. Reading your post brought to mind a similar journal entry I had written in my own recovery – it gives me the absolute sense that you are totally on the right path pushing, stretching and challenging yourself so that you are the one in the drivers seat of your life. When your mind allows THESE feelings into your life – when you feel it in your body and your heart, that is when recovery REALLY starts to happen. I’m not going to say you won’t have challenges, as challenges are all part of it but seeing the light – the beauty in the world and being grateful for your body is the first step to truly giving yourself permission to live a full life and choose recovery. Keep it up beautiful. Supporting you all the way from Australia. Lots of love xo

  6. Cassie

    I’m like you… I’ll get stressed about the little things, upset, etc…. but it’s a good idea to take a step back and pause and remember how lucky we all really are!! great post, xo

  7. Abbey Jones


    I have been following your blog for a couple of weeks now, after reading a post on a website about orthorexia that had your first “coming out” as a non-vegan post on it. I was starting to think I was heading down that path as well…I only really ate food that I cooked myself, and even when I was getting ready to leave for my second year of school, I didn’t want to go out to a farewell dinner in my honor because I was terrified I wouldn’t find something on the menu that was “acceptable” to eat. After reading your posts about orthorexia, I have tried to become better at listening to how my body feels after every meal or snack, instead of worrying about whether the food was “perfect” or not.

    In reading your blog, I’ve also found along the way that you are super fun, outgoing, and brave for putting everything out there for your readers to see. (And I’ve found some delicious new recipes that my tiny college apartment kitchen can actually handle!)

    And, yes, today I feel lucky. Lucky that I go to the school of my dreams, lucky that I’ve dedicated myself to living a healthier lifestyle, and lucky that I have amazing friends and family to keep me going when things get a little rough. I also feel lucky to have people like you sharing their stories and not hiding behind the facade that everything is always perfect.


    1. Jenny

      Abbey, so proud of you for recognising that you were perhaps falling into this trap. Shining light on this is SO huge and I really wanted to congratulate you and send you all the encouragement in the world to keep reaching out and listening to what your body truly wants. You so deserve a full life. Keep aiming and reaching for that. xxx

      1. Abbey Jones


        Thank you so so much! I struggled with anorexia for awhile in high school, so realizing that I was behaving in an obsessive way about food again terrified me; Jordan’s blog is the first place I could put a name to the behavior though, and I am so grateful for that.

        Having people (on and offline) in my corner means everything. x

  8. Cara

    This is beautiful. I stumbled upon your blog today and I’m so glad I did. I love your outlook and honesty. And I’m all about that balanced life. :)

    1. Jordan Younger Post author

      Aww, thank you so much Cara. I so appreciate it. So happy to have you as a new reader, and yay for balance! So much love to you. :)

  9. Beth Graham

    Jordan – Your story could not have come out at a better time. I have a 17 year old daughter recently diagnosed with orthorexia (although her doctors call in anorexia because they’re a bit ill informed). She was 100% Paleo, a decision we made to rid her of migraines (it worked, but now backfired). Oddly, I’m also a food writer and write about the joys of cooking and eating. She became more and more restrictive in what she would eat and as you’ve said, wasn’t getting the proper nutrients and her health began to suffer. I’m desperately trying to get her well so she can go off to college next year. She’s very committed and we’re working with a fabulous nutritionist and she’s now eating several things that were once off-limits, such as grains, avocados, and yogurt. But we’ve been at this for 6 weeks and she’s not gaining any weight, despite eating significantly more, and better, food. I’ve read that when your metabolism gets so screwed up, it can take quite awhile to fix it. I was just wondering how long it took you to feel like you were making progress, both mentally and physically. She still resists going out to dinner because she’s so freaky about what’s in her food. She is finally letting me prepare meals for her which is a huge step forward. I applaud you for what you are doing and the direction you’re taking with balance. My daughter is very bright, but she became highly influenced by all the bloggers and pundits on social media who are so focused on what’s bad for you, and they’re not taking into account the people they might be influencing. It is ALL about balance. I’ll continue to follow your story and words of wisdom as we take on this challenge! I’m going to be featuring more “comeback” foods on my blog (I also cover wine and travel) because we’ve had so much fun learning together how to balance healthy foods with getting the proper nutrition. She’s been wanting to start a blog of her own to share what she’s learned so I’m hoping your story will inspire her. Thanks again for your message on balance!

    1. Jordan Younger Post author

      Beth, thank you so much for such a kind message. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. I am so happy to hear that your daughter is on the road to recovery, and I completely understand that that road can be a very rocky and windy one. But getting ON the road is the hardest part of the journey, so the fact that she has begun (and that she has the fabulous support of a loving and understanding family) is HUGE and I am so proud of you all for getting to this point. I think it would be amazing for her to start a blog about her journey and all that she has learned. It is so fascinating to me, and not surprising at all now after my experiences with restrictive diets that eating in such a confined way causes eating disorders and eating issues in general. And just like your daughter, I experienced (and still experience) getting caught up in what bloggers and other social media advocates for certain ways of eating (that’s how I became obsessed with raw veganism…) and it made it so much harder. Please keep me posted on her journey, and I will definitely check out your blog!! Xox, Jordan

  10. Kim @ BusyBod

    This whole post is beautiful, but this -> “the more I let go of the questions and the unease and the fears and the striving for perfection and the preoccupation with things that are not in my control, I feel lucky. I feel calm.” is perfection. Love you <3

  11. Jess @dearhealthyness

    I’m so in love with this post! Specially because I felt like this during the weekend, and I felt identified with the yelling at traffic and getting stressed over my lack of control!!!

    Letting go has taught me a whole new world and a new perspective! I may not be perfect but I’m on a way of kindness and compassion to me, to others and to the world! Xx


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